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So I have asked one of my Mentors for a stress reviler spanking. It has taken a bit to work out timing but i am getting it this week. A stress reviler to me is a really really  hard spanking that brings me to tears. I have a very hard time crying and a while ago one of my Mentors discovered that i stop myself from crying by touching my eyes. so anytime i am getting a spanking now i have to keep my hands away from my face, I have recived extra swats for doing it. durring this spanking though my hands will be tied away from my face which should help me to beable to let go and cry. As the title says I am nervously excited about this spanking. Nervous because theses are going to be punishment level (or close to) swats and those really hurt. Excited because i have been really really stressed recently and i am looking forward to geting rid of it or at least most. 

I will post after and try and remember to get pictures.  
5/7/2011 08:00:53 pm

Congrats with your new site! I loved your butt close up pics with stripes. And a friend of Kailee is my friend too, she knows of me as an admirer and fan under a different name.
- Please dont use dark fonts on a dark background, it gets invisible..

5/8/2011 07:42:35 am

We need to form a spank-in group on the Redhotfun site. Spankers and spankees, male and female, should try to get together for enjoyable spanking sessions. Emmabadfairy should understand that she should not hate the cane, but love it when it causes such magnificent bruises and welts on her bottom. Pleasure can be had in punishing and in receiving punishment, especially if the punishee deserves it. I like to start out my correction sessions (giving or getting) with a confession while over the punisher's knee with bare bottom exposed. Bare hand gives way to leather straps (perfect for warming up the target), paddles, floggers, tawses, cats o' nine tails, single tail whips, bull whips, canes and crops. When it is done, the recipient knows he or she has been appropriately chastised. Anyone interested in a group spank-in?

5/20/2011 11:20:33 pm

Hi what a lovely set of pictures you have a great behind just made to be punished! Do you get spanked for fun or just punishments? Please write about why you get punished and how you get punished for what reasons, I would like to know this? Keep up the great work guys, Kind regards Susan xx


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